It is a fact that moving to a different house affects us both physically and mentally. Relocating to another house means you have to pack almost all of your belongings in cardboard boxes and it Is not easy. Add to that, looking for a house and organizing all aspects of a home change can be strenuous. Processing paper works, such as insurance, permits, and others are activities that can make this event even more complicated.

For these reasons, it is a very wise decision to hire a moving company so that the process will be easier and you can enjoy your move to your new house. It is essential to distinguish a good moving company from the bad ones, that is why this article will discuss some tips in hiring a moving company.  Hiring a moving company is not as easy as it sounds. According to BBB, it received more than 7000 on a yearly basis against moving companies in the US. A lot of complaints are about damaged or lost property. However, there were also problems regarding unprofessional conduct such as arriving late and charging way beyond the estimate. Choosing these type of companies will not make your move easier but rather more stressful. That is why some people choose to DIY move. However, there are different ways to avoid these problem moving companies and hire reputable and professional movers in Jacksonville, Florida.

  • Start looking for a moving company in advance, so you can study the availability and choose the best dates for the move.
  • Research about a company beforehand. Ask your friends if they have a first-hand experience about a certain company. If you don"t have friends, who can help you. The internet has a wealth of information about a popular moving company. Look for negative and positive reviews. However, if a company has few and all positive reviews, take those reviews with a grain of salt.
  • Ask for a quotation from at least three different companies. Be careful if the price is too high or too low.
  • Don’t accept price quotation made over the phone. The estimate should be made in writing for documentation purposes and because the quote should list all services that they will provide for a particular price. To make a good estimate, a representative of the moving company should go to your house to see for themselves the items that will be transported.
  • Contract and fine print. It is highly recommended to read the terms of the contract carefully and check the details therein. The contract should include all the information about the house move such as; the date and time of the move and when it arrives; inventory of the items to be moved if possible; the moving insurance; the services included such as packing and unpacking, etc.
  • Ask for moving insurance. Request information on the type of insurance available. During the initial consultation, the representative should explain their insurance policy because it is compulsory for moving companies to have insurance.
  • Supervise the loading and unloading of belongings. Interestingly sign the delivery receipt after checking the status of transferred because if there is a problem, the manager should make note moving objects.

Moving home can be very exciting. Although it involves a lot of work such as following procedures, permits, packaging, clothing, dishes, toys, notifications of changes of address, etc., with the help of right movers in Ponte Vedra, Florida, moving can be an enjoyable experience.

A move without organization can be chaotic and full of an unexpected ending. You will easily get exhausted and have frayed nerves. If you plan with proper organization and coordination, you will be relaxed and will just dream about your future in your new home.

Moving to a new house can be considered as a new chapter of your life. It is fitting that your first experience in your new home will be a pleasant one and a good moving company can give you that experience.

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