To move to a new residence that is located hundreds or thousands of miles away is definitely not something you can joke about – the mere thought that so many things could go wrong during that intensely transitional period is enough to send you into a state of panic. In fact it can cost upwards of $6,500 to move a 3 bedroom home full of people and possessions.

When making a move cross-country, you should start planning and preparing about eight weeks prior to your scheduled moving date. The busiest times for moving companies in Avondale, Florida are during the summer months, taking place roughly between May 15 – September 15.

Best Cross Country Moving Companies in Avondale, Florida

When is the best time to move in Avondale, Florida?

Assuming you have the flexibility to pick a time of the year to move, the first thing you need to decide is what is more important to you: saving as much money as possible or having a lot of options to choose from. The times to avoid are weekends, the first of each month and summer when moving is at its peak. Cold and snowy weather can make travel difficult for both you and the moving truck, and it might not be a good idea to keep your precious belongings in a freezing truck. The earlier you start your moving adventure in Duval County, Florida, the better – especially if you’re moving long distance and you do not have any plans to spend the night on the road. To save money, try to schedule your moving day for one of the following times:

  • On a weekday (between Monday and Thursday)
  • In the middle of the month
  • Between mid-September and April

How to hire the Best Cross Country Moving Companies Avondale, Florida?

If you truly want the smoothest cross-country move, you’ll hire movers to pack, transport and load/unload your belongings for you. All these are good reasons for everybody who cares about their sanity and their belongings to hire one of the Best Cross Country Moving Companies to help them overcome this challenge. You can’t rely on anyone else than those moving experts in Avondale, Florida, and when the time comes, they are going to be your best friends and trusted allies. Professional movers have the manpower and the expertise to ensure each load is maximized and well organized so that your belongings don’t get damaged. They want to take everything off your hands, from packing your stuff, to loading and unloading your boxes, and delivering you and your belongings to your new address as fast and as smoothly as possible.

How much would I spend on my move to Avondale, Florida?

In order to plan a moving budget for relocation, it"s important to consider the cost of moving house from start to finish. If you are moving state to state, then the relocation cost of your move will be based on the distance between the old and new location, weight and respectively on the amount of stuff you own. According to the American Moving & Storage Association, the average 7,100-pound move cost $1,170 in-state and $5,630 out-of-state in 2014. Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, you’ll probably need to set up new electric, gas, Internet, and television services.

Build into your budget such additional costs as hotels, meals, snacks and gas if you"re planning on driving. Select professional movers in Avondale, Florida that satisfy your requirements and fit comfortably in your budget as well but at the same time, be cautious of price estimates that are way below the average mark.

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What should I do on moving day?

You’ve spent a lot of time preparing for this day, and if you took the time to select a quality moving company, today should be a pleasant experience. Probably by now, you"re ready to go, just wishing it would all be over, anticipating the new start. Get plenty of sleep the night before, keep your coffee pot unpacked and set for 6:00 a.m., then check out this list of moving day tasks that still need to be done so you"ll be ready when the truck arrives. Whether you’ve got a mate showing up with their ute or you’ve hired professional movers, you need to make sure that all of your belongings are securely packed in boxes, ready to be loaded on to the truck or into a car.

Make sure that the moving truck that shows up is from the company in Avondale, Florida 32205 you hired: The USDOT number painted on its side should match the number on the estimate you were given. Moving house always takes longer than you think, so it’s best not to make lunch plans or promise a friend you’ll stop by for a cup of tea on moving day.